Inspiring Film Award Special Jury Prize

Film Synopsis

Amy lives alone in a stark, elegant environment. She is excited about something which we discover is her new car, a Tesla. As Amy drives off in a rush to start her last busy day before the Christmas Holiday, she is rear-ended by a junker truck. Snake, a fiery Latino guy, rushes toward her, apologizing for the mishap. He assures her that he can fix the dent himself, but Amy is angry and doesn’t want this stranger touching her new prize. She demands he produce his insurance, but Snake, crestfallen, admits he doesn’t have any. At that moment, Snake’s daughter, Lucia, pops her head out of the truck window. Amy’s whole demeanor changes and she tells them to “just forget it” and rushes back to her car. Lucia urges Snake to invite Amy to their Christmas Eve dinner. Snake, amused by this suggestion, humors his daughter, knowing that Amy will never come to their home. Amy rejects his offer and drives off in a huff.

We see Amy, the woman in charge at her office, separated from the others who are excited by the upcoming holiday. Amy walks out alone, as they others stay to celebrate.

When Amy arrives at her home, she finds a hand-written card from Lucia, urging her to join them for dinner. There’s a drawing of a little girl and a Christmas tree. We flashback to another Christmas tree and discover that Amy had a husband and a baby daughter who died in a car fire. Amy cries in the shower. Later, she pulls herself together, dressed for dinner with friends. But she gets a phone call, their Mother In Law slipped and fell, they need to take her to the ER for Xrays. Her dinner is cancelled. Amy fixes herself a drink and looks at the card from Lucia. Not wanting to be alone, she decides to join Snake and his family for dinner, only to discover that the world is still full of wonderful surprises.